Krudar Kids - Best of 2019 Winner

Toronto4Kids congratulates Krudar Kids on winning the Best of 2019 award for 'Best Martial Arts School'! Toronto4Kids readers voted for their favourite family-friendly businesses in an annual poll.

Muay Thai is a transformative sport for children ages 4 to 13, that teaches strength, confidence, and focus through the tradition and art of Muay Thai Boxing.  Children develop character and self-esteem by learning discipline, confidence, team work, leadership, and athletic ambition. The program helps kids establish life long healthy habits, positive outlook, friendships, and a champion state of mind. Classes run 6 days a week at the Don Mills location, and 4 days a week at the Kensington location. Classes are split into 2 groups: Pre-Champs 4 to 6 years old, and Champions 6 to 12 years old, and includes Muay Thai teaching, fitness conditioning, pad and bag work, as well as cultural and spiritual elements taught by experienced and passionate teachers. 5 levels in their child-focused curriculum aim to develop youth in all areas of their lives – at the studio, at home, and in school.

Says Roy Ramonal, Regional Manager at Krudar Muay Thai, on winning the Best of 2019 award: "The team at Krudar Muay Thai is humbled and grateful for being chosen by the community as Best Martial Arts School 2019. It is through their support and trust that we continue to build future champions who are strong, confident, and focused both inside and outside the gym".

Krudar Kids is the winner of the Best of 2019 award for Best Martial Arts School. Krudar Kids is a booming Martial Arts program for kids ages 4-12. Krudar offers classes, school events, Summer camps, as well as birthday parties. Programs are offered from 2 locations, Kensinton and Don Mills. ​Established in 2002, Krudar's been in the game a long time, and is home to several world champions, pro athletes, and champions of life. Find out more about their programs at

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