Fruity Slime Recipes for the Summer

When it comes to kids' crafts, homemade slime is one of the best ideas! It's easy, quick and super inexpensive. This summer, be inspired by these fruity slime recipes.

Pineapple Slime
This pineapple scented slime recipe smells AMAZING! Get instructions from Fantastic Fun and Learning.

Watermelon Slime
This fun, sweet smelling watermelon slime recipe is just the thing you need for an afternoon of summer fun. Get instructions from Giggles Galore.

Lemon Slime
This slime recipe contains jello so it’s even more bouncy and slippery than normal slime. Get instructions from Simple Everyday Mom.

Apple Jiggly Slime
Ready to see How to Make Apple Jiggly Slime that your kids will love? Let’s do it! Get instructions from Natural Beach Living.

Orange Jello Slime
Here's a recipe to make your own colourful, orange-scented Jell-O Slime. Or, use any flavour! Get instructions from Fun-A-Day.

Strawberry Lemonade Scented Slime
Two fantastic scented fluffy slimes to play with! Get instructions from Fantastic Fun and Learning.

Cranberry Slime
Here is an amazing slime recipe for homemade cranberry slime. The added cranberries make a perfect crunchy slime that kids just love. Get instructions from Kimspired DIY.

Caution! These recipes are not edible!

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