Fun Ideas to Celebrate Your Child's Birthday in Isolation

Is your child celebrating a birthday in April or the next few months while we are isolation? Then celebrate! Sure, you can postpone until friends and relatives are able to get together again, but give your child a special celebration at home. Here are some ideas on how to bring fun to your child’s party when their friends can’t be with them.

Decorate as Best you Can
With art supplies and a little creativity, you can decorate the entire house. On the night before your child’s birthday, decorate with balloons, streamers or anything else you have on hand. You can even (quietly) fill your child's room up with balloons while they sleep so they wake up to a colourful room. Cut out the letters ‘Happy Birthday’ and connect them with tape, or cut fun shapes and string together to create a garland. You can also make and hang a large birthday poster.

Take it Outside (in your own Backyard)
As the weather improves, families with a yard can take the party outside. What’s better than an outdoor party, especially when you've been cooped up. Get creative using balloons or DIYing a sign to make the birthday child feel special. Fire up the grill or have a picnic.

Get Friends Involved Remotely
Create an online birthday party via a video chat with your child's friends, and then one with relatives, via any app that will allow a few people to join at once (Skype, Zoom, Google Meets, FaceTime).   

Gather Wishes
Ask your child’s friends and relatives to make a short video to wish your child a Happy Birthday, then play them at your party. Don’t forget to have your child call everyone to thanks them for their wishes, or send a note.

Have the kids watch a Movie with Friends via Netflix Party
If you subscribe to Netflix, have the kids watch a movie together. Here's how it works: friends can log in to their separate Netflix accounts. Pick a movie to watch, and Netflix Party will sync the playback across the accounts, so you're all watching the same thing at the same time, from your individual accounts. If you don’t subscribe, do a trial!

Host a Virtual Gaming Party
For older kids who are into video games, network a live gaming session with friends. For example, games like Fortnite, a combat style survival game, allow players to connect over a variety of consoles and platforms. In Minecraft, a realm can be created where 10 people (the size of a usual birthday party) can build or survive together. In the game Sea of Thieves, teams of up to four can work together to plunder, solve problems and defeat other pirate crews. Ask your child about other games they enjoy.

Virtual Entertainers 
Is there a special character your child likes? Check online to see if Party Entertainers are offering virtual entertainment. Then have 'Peppa Pig' join you!

Cards are Back!
Handwritten notes in the form of cards or letters have been promoted lately as a great way to connect while families are in isolation. Mail service is still running, so plan ahead and have their friends and relatives send a card. What a great surprise when your kiddo gets a stack of mail.

Make it Extra Special with a Theme
Create some fun activities to take your party to the next level. Organize a scavenger hunt, host a baking or cooking party, decorate cupcakes, etc. Think of any theme that would please your child and recreate the scenario at home, as best you can.

Order Up!
On this special day, let the birthday boy or girl pick the dinner menu! Order from your favourite restaurant that’s still open for delivery or curb-side pickup. Most places are delivering for free right now. Be sure that everyone washes their hands after handling the food containers and before eating.

It's a difficult time for sure... many people are experiencing feelings of loneliness now, so make sure your child feels loved and surrounded on their special day. Take plenty of photos.

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