Here's What Toronto Zoo's Scenic Drive-Thru Experience Looks Like

It's fun!

After months in lock-down, visitors can now enjoy a special outing with the family, thanks to the Toronto Zoo's new Scenic Drive-Thru Experience. Get up close and personal with animals from around the world, all from the comfort of your car!

This 5 km/hour trek takes you along 'staff-only service roads,' pedestrian walkways, and right through the lion cave in the African Savanna. You'll also get to visit the largest of their zoogeographic regions: Indo-Malaya, Americas and Eurasia. Tune in to the 'Scenic Safari Audio Tour', a guided commentary that helps you maneuver through your zoo adventure and gives fun facts about the animals you are about to see. The audio can be downloaded in advance of your arrival via Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts. (Links available on the Toronto Zoo website or search for 'Wild For Life - Toronto Zoo.'

Parents, think mini road trip! The tour takes about 45 minutes to complete and once you start, you cannot leave your vehicle. Make sure the kids hit a washroom before heading out (these are available only at the start of the event in the main parking lot.) Pack some snacks as restaurants, snack-bars and vending machines onsite are closed and not accessible. Have your cameras ready, and if you have binoculars for the kids — that's an added bonus. Then, just enjoy the ride and the animals.

This new experience opens to the public tomorrow, Saturday, May 23 and tickets went on sale this morning. Here's what tickets will cost: a car with 2 or less occupants is $44 for non-members and $32 for members. A car with 3 or more occupants is $59 for non-members and $47 for members. As you can imagine, the Toronto Zoo website has been very busy since this announcement, so you may be placed in a queue to get tickets.

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Here are a few photos from our visit...

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