How 'Community Renting' With Ruckify Helps Create Fun & Inexpensive Experiences

Buy less, experience more.

A family's average household has an accumulative 200,000 items in their home… that’s a lot of stuff. Over 50% of those items go unused in a given year — talk about stuffocation! What would happen if instead of all those things just sitting there, you allow your community to rent them from you instead?

This is a notion we call “community renting”. This way of life makes perfect sense as the next phase in today’s sharing economy. Younger generations are more environmentally aware and are making strides at living a more minimalistic life by owning less so they may experience more. In order for them to avoid spending the cash, but still feel rich in these new experiences (like camping, learning a new sport, or trying a new instrument), Ruckify offers a real and safe rental community platform. There you can find all of those things you need, or post all of that unused stuff, through a trusted source. You can rent items as needed, then return them when you’re done; OR send out your gently used items to someone looking – making that extra cash when needed.

Through rental marketplace Ruckify, the promise of convenience, efficiency, and affordability at the click of a button is a big win for community renters. Their platform revolutionizes renting to beyond just travel and spaces but includes the rental of just about any item or service that is desired by a potential renter. It offers a more efficient and cost-effective way to complete projects, travel, and do otherwise expensive activities.

One of the features of this platform — a commitment from Ruckify to plant a tree for every transaction made on the app, allows anyone to be a part of the mission towards a greener, healthier earth. Ruckify gives its online community the opportunity to not only help the environment but also support someone local and their new business ventures.

DIY activities that are sure to create fun family memories

Looking for some fun activities for your family to do this summer? There is no need to travel places or spend a fortune in order to have fun and be creative! Surprise your kids with these simple DIY ideas that can all be Ruckified on a budget and create memories that will last a lifetime!

The perfect indoor picnic

Picnics offer an economical activity with a lot of room for creativity in its planning. Start by setting the scene. Layout a few rugs on the living room floor, set out throw pillows or lounge furniture — you could even string some lights around the room. Keep your menu light and simple, or rent out some fun food equipment like an electric pizza oven for the kids! Pull out the vinyl and select a few upbeat records to create a fun ambiance and you’re all set — and don’t forget your basket!

Glamping in your own backyard

If your family loves camping, but don’t feel like traveling or can’t find a reservation for a campground, consider creating that glamorous outdoor space in your own backyard. Start by pitching a canvas tent and decking it out like a 5-star cabin. I’m talking side tables, throw rugs, comfy cot with a cozy duvet, and as many pillows as you can carry. Update your bonfire and Ruckify a gas fire pit (s’mores anyone?), string plenty of solar-powered outdoor lights on your tent, ensure your outdoor oasis is within wifi reach, and you, my friend are glamping!

Make your own movie theater in your backyard

A backyard movie night can be an amazing experience and one that won’t be easy to forget. Build an outdoor cinema. Go low-tech simply using a white bed sheet as your big screen. Fasten the top of the sheet to a clothing line and anchor the bottom with rocks or stakes. Stay within budget and Ruckify your electronics – projector, and speakers – you can even get that pro look by renting a giant screen! The movie screen will give light but you can add more ambiance with camping lanterns, tiki torches, patio lights, candles, and old school outdoor light strings. And don’t forget the snacks — you can even rent a nostalgic popcorn maker to make it feel just like the movies! Now that you’ve built your cinema, the hardest part will be picking the movie!

Turn your yard into your very own carnival

This year, in particular, families are missing the opportunity to visit fall fairs or amusement parks. But look no further than Ruckify to create your own private carnival in your very own yard! Avoid the crowds and line ups, and use Ruckify to rent your inflatable bouncy castle with slide, a popcorn or cotton candy machine, and some oversized games like Jenga or Connect Four. Have your kids make up some fun carnival signs & suspend some string lights to set the mood. No complications, just FUN!

Stargaze on the beach

Stargazing is simply more fun when you share it with others — so bring your family out for a memorable night under the stars. But this won’t be just any night. Ruckify your very own telescope and get up close and personal with your favorite constellations. Pack a few blankets, a Bluetooth speaker, some hot cocoa, and enjoy each other’s company as you take turns wishing upon a star.

Sign up for Ruckify today at and start renting your way to fun. You'll also get $35 Ruckbucks right off the bat just for signing up!

Enter to win! Start your Ruckify experience by entering for a chance to win a $100 spending voucher. Enter contest here.

Thanks to Ruckify, I was able to rent this epic bouncy castle for my son, Theo’s birthday. He had been asking for one for months, and let’s be real, not exactly something I wanted to spend on! Enter Ruckify: the world’s largest online peer-to-peer rental marketplace! Say goodbye to unnecessary, wasted purchases and hello to the sharing economy with this super easy to use platform. I'm already thinking of what to rent next!

Photo: Cristina Sabilano
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