How to Celebrate Grandparents Day In The Age Of COVID-19

Many kids have headed back to the classroom, and since that poses a risk to grandparents, elders will find themselves having to physically distance once again from their families, to stay as safe as possible. Staying connected to grandchildren however is key in keeping the elderly active, engaged and mentally healthy.

This year, Grandparents Day falls on Sunday, September 13. If you're in a situation where you have to distance once again, here's how you can celebrate this important day, and keep grandparents safely connected to their grandchildren...

Use technology to see each other and talk
On grandparents' day, arrange a chat via FaceTime, Zoom, Google Hangout, Skype or Facebook. If grandparents just prefer talking to the kids on the phone, that's an option too.

Set up a special and fun activity
Arrange for a special activity online with grandkids. Using a video conferencing platform, play a family game, organize an indoor scavenger hunt or do a craft together. Grandparents can also have fun by teaching grandchildren something new. Maybe Grandma can show your child how to knit?

Play online
Play a board game or a video game together online. 

Host a movie night
Set a movie night with grandparents. Everyone can watch from their own homes at the same time. After the movie, set up a video call to discuss the movie.

Send photos
If your children are old enough, let them use their/your smartphone to take pictures to send to grandparents with a special message.

Read a bedtime story over FaceTime
Arrange for a time of for kids and grandparents to read a bedtime story together. Make it a tradition every night if you want!

Cook together with video chat
Make a great family recipe together. If live cooking together seems too difficult, grandparents can copy their favourite recipes and email or send them in the mail. Ask the grandkids to report back on how the cooking went.

Kids can write a letter
Technology isn’t the only option when it comes to reaching out to grandparents. Teach your kids how to write and address a letter to their grandparents. Wrap up art projects, draw pictures or make a card to send to grandparents.

Make something special
This list of homemade gifts and cards will help you make something special for grandma and grandpa. Get ideas here.

Arrange a drive-by visit
During the pandemic, many families have resorted to communicating through a closed window, or doing a drive-by visit. This allows you to get close to grandparents while keeping them safe.

Set up a physically distanced lunch in your backyard
If you're comfortable with this idea, the family can still get together for a meal outdoors while maintaining a safe distance apart (or wear masks).

Drop groceries, flowers or care-packages
Make a special shopping trip and leave a treat on the porch for grandma and grandpa to enjoy.

We wish all Grandparents a happy day on September 13!

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