How to Create the Ultimate Dance Club at Home with the Kids

After weeks in isolation, it's time to let loose!

It’s been many weeks of isolation, and the kids (and you) are probably going stir-crazy. Release some of that pent-up energy by creating a Dance Club at home and have a party with the kids. The music will keep them active, while the games will keep them busy. The end result will be a fun and memorable night.

Light Show
You’ll need all the lighting supplies you can get your hands on… flash lights, strings of Christmas lights, patio lights, glow sticks, etc. Turn the house lights off, and turn the party lights on! Extra points if you have a disco ball in the house!

Create the Ultimate Playlist
Time to make the rounds and get requests — ask for everyone’s favourite dance hits. Have all your music queued-up for uninterrupted fun. Just hit ‘play’ and crank up the tunes. You can also get this list of the Top 100 Kids Party Songs from Spotify.

Let the Kids Dress Up
Picking out that fun party outfit will be half the fun. Let them go bananas with the wardrobe, and find some glam accessories!

Fun Beverages
From apple juice topped with tiny tropical umbrellas to spritzers with slices of orange and fruit, make sure there are a few specialty drinks to keep them hydrated through the dance marathon.

Cocktail Foods
Put out a little spread of kid-friendly finger foods, and snacks. Tonight may also be a good night to order in pizza.

Play Mr. DJ
To keep things exciting, have a dance leader or DJ call out dance challenges such as “everyone do the floss!” or “everyone do the worm!” Come up with some fun dance games for everyone — do the limbo, play Freeze Dance, Elimination Dance and Spot Light. Have everyone ‘create’ a new dance; it might just become the next trend.

Set up a Photo Booth
Set up a well-lit corner where kids can get their silly on with fun props and accessories. Snap pics to remember this party forever! You can also download some fun photo booth props here.

Lounge Lizards
Create a few cozy lounge areas with floor pillows or throws, where the kids can chill, sip their spritzer and have a bite in between their dance moves.

Invite Friends and Family
If you're set up on Zoom, invite others to join your party. In these difficult times, it’s essential to find creative ways to connect with others. Take lots of pics to share via your social channels.

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