A Zoo Wintertime Adventure

 Yes it's fun to visit the zoo in the winter!

While many think of January and February as the 'gloom of winter,' the Toronto Zoo proves there is life to the season! Don't let a little cold stop you. In many ways, the zoo can be more fun in the winter!

Visiting the zoo doesn't have to be 'just' a hot weather activity. It's still a great place to visit when temperatures get colder. Skiing, snowboarding and ice skating aside, zoo animals love to keep busy during the wintertime too! Check out daily Keeper Talks and find out which animals keep warm during the winter months with some "COOL" ideas. Zoo keepers work together to create engaging "enrichment" activities, such as games, puzzles and even snowmen for the animal's enjoyment!

And if you do get a bit chilly, head 'south' into one of the Zoo's tropical pavilions - Indo-Malaya, Americas, Australasia and the African Rainforest -  where you can get up close to all kinds of exotic animals. Or, take a walk through the award-winning Tundra Trek exhibit and meet some playful polar bears.

When the temperature drops, many of you may wonder "How do all the different animals react to cooler temperatures?" Well, these creatures are incredibly adaptable and in many cases modifications to their exhibits allow them to enjoy the winter temperatures  Take the African Savanna animals, most species have acclimatized to the weather with help from the keepers (who provide extra shelter when necessary). There are also indoor facilities for all animals onsite in the event that wind chill is in the forecast. Currently, all pavilions at the Toronto Zoo are open, and these animals enjoy tropical climate all year-round. We should all be so lucky!

Sure, coats, hats, and gloves will help everyone stay comfy but if you're in still in need of some warmth, check in at the Zoo's Peacock Cafe for a Hot Cocoa treat. And don't forget your camera. It's cool to have pictures of animal footprints in the snow. 

So don't save your zoo visits just for the summer - it's still a great place to visit when temperatures dip! For more info, visit www.torontozoo.com.

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