Improve Literacy Skills

15 Minutes is All it Takes to Improve Literacy Skills...

After a long day at school, the last thing most kids want to do is learn at home. But the benefits of learning as a family outside the classroom are huge. Not only are children exposed to a culture of lifelong learning, but the bond between parent and child can grow with each teachable moment.

Finding time to set aside to learn as a family can be difficult, but all you need is 15 minutes a day to reap the benefits. In honour of Family Literacy Day taking place across Canada on January 27, 2015, ABC Life Literacy Canada is offering five learning activities parents can do with their children in less than 15 minutes.

These ideas are so fun, it will hardly even feel like learning!

1. Read a book aloud together! 
Children’s books are usually short, and are a breeze to get through in 15 minutes.

2. Heading out on a long road trip to Grandma’s house?  
Count how many red cars you see along the way or find the whole alphabet using license plates and billboards.

3. Sing a song.
Singing encourages learning patterns of words, rhymes, and rhythms, and is strongly connected to language skills.

4. Bake some cookies! 
Most recipes are less than 15 minutes and measuring ingredients helps children understand math and numbers.

5. Go for a walk as a family and read the street signs. 
You can even think of a city or country that begins with the same first letter as the sign. While we may not think of it, most of the time spent together at home can be learning opportunities between you and your child. Even time spent doing the dishes, eating dinner, or having a bath can all easily have a focus on learning in a fun way.

To find out how your family can have 15 minutes of fun for Family Literacy Day, visit

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