Play and Party Indoor Playground and Birthday Centre

Play and Party Indoor Playground and Birthday Centre is a large and clean family friendly place, that offers a good balance of space dedicated to kids’ fun and parents’ relaxation. Play and Party Indoor Playground and Birthday Centre was created to bring fun entertainment for the whole family and happy memories.


Play and Party is one of the largest indoor playgrounds in Richmond Hill. Your child will develop their physical potential, independence, and release energy while having fun! There are soft climbing mats and obstacles for babies, a jungle gym for toddlers, a play structure with a slide for older children and the ball pit to jump and hide in. The clean, safe, and secure play equipment is best suited for children 1-10 years of age. Parents can sit and relax while their children enjoy the playground.


Play and Party is your go to place for family events and birthday celebrations! The party room will provide you with the proper space and affordable packages to celebrate your child's special day and any other special event. Flexible party packages allow the use of the indoor playground, including the soft play area, jungle gym, a large party room, and a private movie theatre. There's also a kitchen and eating lounge. 


Play and Party brings you some of the best extracurricular instructors to teach you and your child. Enjoy some popular after-school classes at affordable rates.

Mom & Tot
This program provide a sing along, stretching, and stimulation program that will enhance your child’s musical experience. Classes include instruments, music, soft play, and a guaranteed good time. This program has been designed to enhance the child’s coordination, perception, and motor skills with the support of the mother, while supervised by a professional instructor.

Preschool Brain Storm
Preschool Brainstorming is a group activity which encourages all children to focus on a topic and contribute to the free flow of ideas and sharing thoughts. By expressing different ideas and listening to what other children have to say, children adjust their previous knowledge, understand new information and increase their level of awareness.

Saturday Night Out
Parents can take a well-deserved break while children enjoy supervised physical activities, fun games, movies, and free play in the state of the art safe indoor playground. Trust your children to the professional staff at Play and Party, while taking advantage of reliable services and flexible hours. Arrange to drop your kids off during the day or in the evening time.

Play and Party Indoor Playground and Birthday Centre is located at the back entrance of The Early Years Education Centre, 163 King Road, in Richmond Hill. For more info, call 289-234-7529 or visit

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