Now You're Cooking!

Involve your entire family in cooking! Even the teeniest member can shred romaine lettuce or mix the contents of a bowl. Working as a team will teach your kids to listen and follow instructions. Cooking with kids also presents great opportunities to hone in on those math skills (measuring and fractions). A timer will help with seconds, minutes, and hours.

Here are some tips when cooking with kids...

► Find a kid-friendly recipe and read it entirely with them to make sure they understand.

► Have your child help you prepare all equipment and tools required.

► Have your child measure out all the ingredients.

► Have a pair of oven mitts for everyone.

► Wear short sleeves (or roll them up) as loose clothing can be a fire hazard.

► Tie long hair back.

► Wear proper shoes to protect little toes from spills.

► Always turn pot handles towards the inside to prevent accidents.

► Always supervise kids in the kitchen.

Some great kid-friendly recipe websites with recipes your kids can help cook...


Food Network


Taste of Home

Real Simple

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