Our Wild African Lion Safari Experience

African Lion Safari, located in Cambridge, Ontario, is a picturesque and fun-filled Wildlife Park that offers the ultimate day trip! This conservation theme-park showcases many different and rare animals from Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas, as well as raptors and parrots from all parts of the world. The 9 km drive through a game reserve will bring you closer than you ever imagined to over 1,000 exotic birds and animals.

At African Lion Safari, animals are exhibited in an entirely different way - the visitor is caged in their car or tour bus, and the animals are free to roam the 5 to 50 acre reserves, in their natural habitat. On the Safari Trail, comprised of 7 major game reserves, you will experience a diverse collection of species such as big cats, baboons, black bears, white rhinos, ostriches, aoudads, elands, giraffes, and many other exotic and native species.

The highlight of the tour is by far the encounter with the baboons who completely "interact" with the visitors; not to mention their vehicles. And from what we understand, the baboons at African Lion Safari have a taste for expensive cars. Hint: you may want to consider taking the tour bus! The baboons have been known to "take a few souvenirs" from your car but also "leave a few souvenirs" too!

We did speak to some visitors who insisted that the tour with their cars - despite the possible "doo-doos" by the baboons - offered a better perspective on visiting the reserve. You are able to better control the time that you spend observing and photographing the animals. The guided tour takes just over an hour, and in your car, you can take all the time that you want. If you are considering spending a full day at African Lion Safari, you may want to do both. The guided tour does also offer unique and personal information about the animals you see.

Beyond the Wildlife Park, African Lion Safari features many different and engaging attractions - you can enjoy some wet fun at the Misumu Bay Wet Play area, or let the kids go wild in the Jungle Playground (a giant climbing structure and ball pit). Some of the more entertaining activities including taking in the African Lion Safari signature shows such as the Parrot Paradise, the Elephant Roundup, and the Birds of Prey flying demonstration. At limited intervals during the day, you can watch the elephants go for their daily swim. Kids can also take the time to play with some "more familiar animals" in the Pets' Corner. Finally, a scenic railway tour or a cruise aboard the African Queen offers a relaxing and perfect way to end your visit. The Park features many picnic areas for its visitors, though there are restaurants and grills with patios to enjoy onsite.

Since its inception in 1969, the Park has been successful in breeding 30 species, considered endangered, and 20 or more species, considered threatened. The original idea of maintaining self-sustaining populations of species in decline is still the Park's priority, all while providing its visitors with a safe, entertaining, and educational environment.

African Lion Safari is truly an African wilderness experience, but closer to home! For more information, visit www.lionsafari.com.

The Elephant Daily Swim

A Majestic Giraffe Running Free

The Lemurs on Lemur Island

The 'Wild' Baboons

Up Close with a Rhino

A Cruise Aboard the 'African Queen'

An Ostrich Roaming the Reserve

A Picturesque View at African Lion Safari
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