Huronia Food Trail

The best of our child memories, the ones that shape us and stay with us forever include all 5 senses. Vacations we remember the clearest are ones where we can remember more than just what we saw. When travelling with kids, parents should remember this and while most kids like the usual suspects of vacation activities, it is also a fun idea to be a bit of a foodie when visiting new places, especially if parents have that interest as well.

There are many benefits to taking your children on the Huronia Food Trail when visiting the areas of Midland, Penetanguishene, Tiny, and Tay Townships. Children NEED to know where their food came from in order to appreciate and connect with it. It doesn't hurt that they meet the hardworking farmers who work 365 days a year to feed people. Farmers appreciate the love and are always happy to share their passion... and the work! Children will develop an appreciation for different foods, learn about seasonality and connect with food in a healthy way that will stay with them for life.

The Huronia area is located on Georgian Bay and is rich in farm land growing some of Ontario's best produce, maple products, and also raising some delicious well-cared for meats. The local food culture is strong and many restaurants support the movement giving visitors a great chance to try the local fare prepared by talented chefs. The commonality on the tour is local food passion. Anyone involved in this has a passion for what they do, whether they grow the food or cook and entertain with it. This infectuous passion is a great thing that will surely inspire a new generation of growers, chefs, and restauranteurs.

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