Packing for the Beach

Summertime is here so get ready to have fun! If you're planning on hitting the beach this summer you've got to pack your beach bag with everything you need.

Here's a list of what to pack for the perfect beach trip! There is also a link at the bottom to print a handy PDF Checklist.

1. Sunscreen. Be sure to bring plenty of it so you can re-apply when necessary, especially after dips in the water.

2. A wide brim hat for you and your little ones.

3. Towels. You’ve got to dry those bodies after splashing around!

4. A big blanket or mat to sit on.

5. Umbrella or shade tent. It’s nice to have a shady place to take a break from the hot sun. Don’t forget beach chairs!

6. Water shoes, flip flops, crocs, or any kind of water shoes. The sand or pavement can get hot, so you need to protect those little feet.

7. A sweatshirt or swimsuit cover up. In case things get chilly.

8. Floaties and kickboards. To stay safe in the water.

9. Beach toys! Make sure you have plenty of these for a fun day in the sun. Plastic measuring cups and measuring spoons from your kitchen also work too!

10. Healthy snacks. Bring your own cooler with snacks and drinks.

11. Ziplocs. Perfect for wet bathings suits and treasures that kids find on the beach.

12. Small first aid kit. Be prepared at all times for little boo-boos.

13. Aloe Vera gel. It's the perfect soothing gel in case you get too much sun.

14. Baby powder. So practical for removing sand from body parts.

CLICK HERE for a printable Packing for the Beach Checklist!

Have fun at the beach! What other items are a must-have at the beach? Post them below!

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