Blueberry Picking in the GTA

The Pick-Your-Own blueberry season begins in July and continues through late August or early September. Blueberries might just be the easiest fruit to pick, prepare and serve. No peeling, no pitting, no coring, no cutting. And, they have very few natural pests other than birds, so much of it is grown pesticide-free.

A few picking tips when going to a pick your own farm:

Select plump berries that are light gray to dark blue or purple in colour. White and green coloured blueberries won’t ripen after they are picked. Blueberries grow in bunches so the quickest way to pick them is hold your bucket under the branch in one hand and cup a ripe bunch with your other hand. Gently rub them with your fingers. Ripe berries will drop into the bucket, while unripe ones remain attached to the bush. Do call ahead to make sure the farm is open for picking and bring your own buckets as they are not always provided. Protect your family with sunscreen, a hat, and clothes that can survive blueberry stains. Bring water to stay hydrated.

We’ve rounded up some farms in the Greater Toronto area which are beginning to open up for blueberry picking...

Andrews Scenic Acres
Pick-Your-Own Farm
Milton, ON

Barrie Hill Farms
Pick-Your-Own Farm
Barrie, ON

Hamilton's U-Pick
Pick-Your-Own Farm and Market
Brantford, ON

McLean Berry Farm
Pick-Your-Own Farm and Market
Lakefield, ON

Muskoka Blueberries
Pick-Your-Own Farm or Market
Bracebridge, ON

Pardo's Berrie Farm
Pick-Your-Own Farm and Market
Blenheim, ON

Pleasant Berry Blueberry Farm
Pick-Your-Own Farm
Brantford, ON

Powell's Patch Blueberries
Pick-Your-Own Farm
Simcoe, ON

Puddicombe Estate Farms & Winery
Pick-Your-Own Farm
Winona, ON

Whittamores Farm, Shop & Pick Your Own
Pick-Your-Own Farm and Market
Markham, ON

Wilmot Orchards
Pick-Your-Own Farm
Newcastle, ON

Does your family have a favourite place where you pick your blueberries? Share below!

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