Summer Fun at Chicopee Tube Park

Although the winter snowtubing season is far behind us, that doesn't mean Chicopee Tube Park closes its doors until the next frost settles in. On the contrary, this fun attraction ramps up their offerings and comes alive in the summer months.

While Chicopee Tube Park is best known as a must-visit wintertime tubing destination, heading there in the summer is just as much fun!

Summer Tubing

Inner tubes continue to zoom down the routes at the park. The unique Italian manufactured summer tubing system offers waterless tubing on special gliding mats which provide the same sensation of snow tubing.There are over 150 meters in length to slide on, serviced by two conveyor lifts that whisk you and your tube back to the summit. Guests can enjoy the excitement of tubing rides all through the summer.

But that's not all. The park offers many more attractions during its green season...


Two ziplines (an 80-metre line for first timers and a 300-metre line for veteran fliers) let passengers glide above the treetops. All guests receive individual orientation to ensure a smooth and safe glide. Zip Lines are conveniently serviced by two conveyor lifts, offering easy access to each of the thrilling rides.

Eurobungy Trampoline

The Eurobungy trampoline gives guests the gift of flight, granting harness-sporting park-goers the ability to leap up to 25 feet in the air. No experience is required making this a fun activity for people of all ages and abilities.


The Spiderweb is an amazing new type of climbing tower. It offers the challenge of climbing while weaving through layers of elastic webbing that is designed as safety catchments. Climbing in a bungee Spider’s web will be like you have been caught by a giant Spider! Get a bird’s-eye view once you have hoisted yourself to the top.

Horizontal Ropes

Horizontal Ropes is walking over a series of balance features supported by an overhead railing structure. Participants are supported by a body harness that ensures safety. This attraction encompasses the fun of a ropes experience without requiring a lot of body strength required when climbing vertically.

So, no snow necessary ... Chicopee Tube Park delivers some serious summer fun for visitors of all ages! Visit for more information.

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