10 Fun Ways to Beat the Heat!

No doubt that July 2016 will go down as one of the hottest months on record! Stay cool and beat the heat with these 10 refreshing activities.

1 Play Fun Water Games
Hang in your own backyard, and play one of these awesome water games where kids can have a ton of fun getting soaked! More

2 Go to a Splash Pad in the City
Let kids cool off from the summer heat with fun sprinklers, fountains and wading pools. It's a quick, easy and cheap way to cool off More

3 Go to a Waterpark
Pump up the fun and stay cool when you visit these cool waterparks, pools and water play places. More

4 Make Fruit-Infused Water
These fruit infused water recipes are made with juicy fresh fruits and invigorating herbs. They're healthy, they're delicious and they'll keep you refreshed all summer long! More

5 Head to an Indoor Pool
Swimming at an indoor pool is perfect for days when there are extreme heat alerts. We've scouted 10 really cool pools in the GTA or head to your local recreation centre. More

6 Go Skating
Yes, you can skate in the Summer! Many indoor rinks are open. Check your local recreation centre for drop-in family skating!

7 Run through a Sprinkler
Get the garden hose out and set up the sprinkler. Kids will have a blast running through a sprinkler on a hot Summer day.

8 Go to the Beach
Take your family to the beach for more summer fun than you can possibly handle. Flock to one of these beaches to enjoy swimming, surfing, and sand castles! More

9 Have a Frozen Treat
Nothing beats the heat on a hot Summer day like a delicious frozen dessert! From frosty fruit pops to delectable cones, your kids will be overjoyed with these tasty treats. More

10 Head to an Indoor Playground
When the summer heat dampens outdoor fun, head to an indoor playground where kids can conquer multi-level mazes, swoosh down slides and climb up rock walls. More

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