30 Fabulous Things to do at Centreville

Summer is our favourite season at Centreville and there is truly no better place in the city to spend it than on the Toronto Islands. There's always plenty to see and do at Centreville and Far Enough Farm. Read on to see what's happening at Centreville!

1. Ferry Over to the Island
Every trip to Centreville starts with the same ritual – a short ferry ride from the city center to Centre Island! Taking the Centre Island Ferry is an exciting and unforgettable first time boat-ride for thousands of children each Summer.

2. Tour the Park Aboard the Centreville Train
If you’ve never been to Centreville before then you’d better make the Centreville Train Station your first stop. The Centreville Train takes you on an 8-minute trip around the park and Far Enough Farm making it the perfect way to get the lay of the land before you start your day.

3. Visit Town Hall
Need to get the scoop on what’s happening in Centreville? Stop in at the Town Hall Guest Services desk. The friendly support team will be happy to help you get your questions answered!

4. Race Around in the Touring Cars
Put your little one in the driver seat of Centreville’s Touring cars! These brightly coloured racers are perfect for young riders. Race alone or with a friend!

5. Spin Around in the Scrambler
No visit to Centreville is complete without a spin in the Scrambler. This classic carnival ride whirls you around in the dark to the tune of modern pop hits and a flashy light show. One of the most thrilling rides in the park, the Scrambler is guaranteed to make the whole family scream with delight.

6. Cool Off at the Wading Pool
Centreville’s Wading Pool is action-central during the hot Summer days of July and August. It’s the perfect place to cool off during a busy day on the island.

7. Enjoy Lunch on Al’s Smokehouse Patio
Did you know that there are 14 food outlets in Centreville? Our favourite is Al’s Smokehouse! The bright, sunny patio is the perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy lunch while watching the Centreville Train pass by.

8. Paddle Around in your Very Own Swan Boat
Have you ever captained your own Swan before? Well now’s your chance! Paddling the electric Swan Boats around the lagoon is a popular Summer tradition for many Centreville families!

9. Win a Prize at One of the Centreville Games
Step right up and test your skills at one of Centreville’s midway games! Sink a basket, catch a fish, or win a camel race and you’ll be bringing home a prize.

10. Get to Know the New Dexter Cows at Far Enough Farm
Head on over to Far Enough Farm and say hello to the brand new Dexter cows. A small-sized, European breed, kids will love getting up close and personal with these sweet and friendly cows.

11. Plunge Down the Log Flume
Thrill seekers will love feeling the cool island air rush through their hair as they take the 12 meter plunge down the Log Flume. Let’s hope you like heights - if your kids are into this ride, you’ll be going down it more than a few times.

12. Meet an Exotic Bird
Far Enough Farm is home to a wide variety of bird and animal species. Stroll over the farm to meet and greet with peacocks, Golden pheasant, emus and more!

13. Get up Close and Personal with an Alpaca
Far Enough Farm is home to two sweet and friendly alpacas. An alpaca is similar to a llama, but smaller and a whole lot fuzzier! Their soft and curly helps them achieve their cute and cuddly look!

14. Take a Family Photo on the Far Enough Farm Tractor
The tractor at Far Enough Farm is the perfect spot to snap that yearly family photo. Step up into the driver’s seat and say “Cheese!”

15. Enjoy a Ride on one of the Centreville Ponies
Your kids are going to love the cute-as-can-be Centreville ponies. These gentle, sweet and friendly ponies are the heart of Centreville’s Pony Express – one of the most popular attractions for younger riders.  

16. Take a Spin of Beasley Bear’s Favourite
What’s Beasley Bear’s favourite ride? The Beasley Bear Ride of course! Squeeze the whole family inside and then spin fast or spin slow on this self-propelled ride.

17.  Take the Family for a Sunday Drive in the Antique Cars
Captaining one of the Antique Cars is a Centreville right of passage. Kids absolutely adore driving the family around in these gas powered Ford Model-T Style cars.

18. Bounce Around in the Bumper Boats
Are you looking for a wild ride? Give the Bumper Boats a try! Cool off as you spin, bump and splash around on this family favourite.

19. Spend Time with Centreville’s Mascot Beasley Bear
Wander around Centreville for an afternoon and you’re sure to run into a big fuzzy bear in a yellow shirt and matching hat. That’s Beasley Bear – Centreville’s mascot! Beasley loves to hand out hugs and hi fives, so when you see him be sure to stop and say hello or maybe ask for a picture!

20. Practice your Scream in the Haunted Barrel Works
Calling all brave souls! Centreville’s Haunted Barrel Works is ready to put your scream to the test! Can you make it all the way around without getting scared? The only way to find out is to take a ride on the Haunted Barrel Works.

21. Capture a Funny Family Photo
At Centreville there are plenty of opportunities to ham it up family-style. Make sure that your camera is fully charged and ready to document all the first times, funny moments and big smiles that your trip to island will bring.

22. Ride a Tiger on the Antique Carousel
Centreville’s Antique Dentzel Carousel is the only one of it’s kind in Canada. Built in 1908, the Carousel carries a menagerie of 52 beautiful animals, including lions, tigers, horses, ostrich and more! 

23. Bring Home a Big Balloon
Everyone loves a big, bright, shiny balloon! Now which will it be – Simba or SpongeBob?

24. Touch the Sky on the Windmill-Style Ferris Wheel
One of the best views found on the islands comes from atop Centreville’s windmill-style Ferris Wheel. Fast and fun, the Ferris Wheel is the best way to take in a bird’s eye view of the island.

25. Have a Family Picnic in the Park
Surrounded by 600 acres of pristine parkland, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect picnic spot for your family! Take a break from the hustle and bustle of Centreville’s Town Square to hang out under a shady tree, bask in the suns rays, or ogle at the cityscape.

26. Enter Centreville’s Amusing Race
Centreville’s Amusing Race is an exciting scavenger hunt that will take you on a journey through the park and farm as you answer trivia questions and overcome “roadblocks.” It’s a great family event that takes place weekends in September.

27.  Drive your own Fire Engine
The Fire Engines are another classic Centreville ride. They’re perfect for young children who will love being able to enjoy the ride all by themselves – they’ll probably also get a real kick of ringing the Fire Engine bells!

28. Take in a Fantastic View of Toronto’s Skyline
Have you ever looked at a postcard of Toronto and wished you could take in that beautiful view of the city skyline first hand? Well, you can on Centre Island! There are plenty of places to sit and take in the view, but our favourite is from the deck at Shopsy’s, just around the bend from the Centre Island ferry dock.

29. Play in the Sand and Surf at Chelsea Beach
Take a break from the buzz of Centreville to play in the sand and surf at Chelsea Beach! Located just beyond the bridge, you’ll love soak up the suns rays on this well protected stretch of beach. Chelsea Beach is blue flag rated beach has a lifeguard on duty daily.

30. Spend Quality Time with Family and Friends
When it comes down to it, a visit to Centreville is all about spending quality time with family and friends. From plunging down the Log Flume to making new friends at Far Enough Farm and splashing around on Chelsea Beach, there are millions of memories to be made on Centre Island. Gather up the gang and ferry over to the island for an unforgettable day of family island fun!

Visit www.centreisland.ca for more information. CLICK HERE to save 10% on online tickets by using promo code: Toronto4Kids2016.

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