Summer FUN Contest: Area51 Lasertag

It's our Summer FUN Contest and you can enter for a chance to win 'Play all Day' passes to Area51Lasertag at Planet Play.

Need to fill up your summer calendar? We got just the solution! Area51 Lasertag @Planet Play Presents “The Summer Play Pass”! which is available until September 4 for $22.12 + HST. Enjoy all access to Lasertag and Playground for one whole day! If that isn’t enough, you also get In & Out Privileges; meaning you can come and go as you please throughout the day that you have redeemed the pass. So buckle up, get pumped and experience what everyone is talking about! AREA51 Laser Tag has 14 different perks and 8 different game types. It's Heart Racing, Adrenaline pumping and NON-STOP ACTION!

2 Passes will be given away!

Interested in getting a 'Play all Day' Pass? They're available for only $22.12 + HST. Find out more at:

Packs will be drawn from site entries and on Facebook (like our page now).

Contest closed. Winners:

May S.
Christopher N.

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