Summer FUN Contest: Pirate Life

It's our Summer FUN Contest and you can enter for a chance to win 1 of 3 packs to Pirate Life on Centre Island.

Join the crew of Pirate and search for a sunken treasure! Sail aboard the 45 foot Island Rogue from Centre Island. Come dressed in a pirate costume or use ours. Receive face paint tattoos and new pirate nick names.

Aboard the vessel, learn the ropes at Pirate School, encounter a treasure map, cross swords with a villain and fire the water cannons!

Each pack includes 2 tickets (value $48).

For more information visit

Packs will be drawn from site entries, on Facebook (like our page now), and Twitter (follow us now).

Contest closed. Winners:

Debbie K. of Toronto - Site Winner
Kim C. - Facebook Winner
Natalie B. - Twitter Winner

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