DIY Kids' Summer Camp at Home

It's a daunting task to entertain the kids all summer long, especially if they're at home! Keep them happy, active and off-screen by teaming up with friends and neighbours, to host a kids' camp right in your own backyard.

Games and activities to help plan your days of summer fun...


Scorching day? Break out the sprinkler and play water games.

Set up a reading nook for a quiet afternoon of reading activities.

Outing! Go bowling. You can sign up for 2 free games per day here.

Make Frozen Treats.

Explore science in your backyard by building a live backyard volcano.


Play Board Games.

Summer isn't summer without a tie-dye activity.

Make fruit infused water together so everyone can stay hydrated.

Fill a pile of water balloons and let the kids have a free-for-all.

Make a craft with fruit. Because kids will love eating fruit when it looks this cute.


Create a drive-way mural with side-walk chalk.

Grab a watermelon and make these fun recipes.

Create your own backyard DIY water slide.

Build you own paper kites, then take them out to your local park.

Break out the puzzles for a quiet afternoon activity.


Organize a treasure hunt.

Outing! Take the kids to a local Splash Pad.

Make ice cream sandwiches.

Make your own bubble solution for an afternoon of silly play.

Play some fun reading games to avoid the summer slide.


Make some rock-candy.

Paint with frozen paint cubes.

Break out the sprinkler. A good soak is guaranteed fun.

Get sponges at the dollar store and make sponge balls to have a wet sponge fight.

Make fun s'mores recipes.

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