LAN Lords Gaming Centre

LAN Lords Gaming Centre is a business that was built on the foundation that gaming with friends in a LAN Party environment should be a fun, comfortable, and easy experience. Founders Rodney Valerio and Clemens Kim, who both share a passion for gaming, realized the lack of console gaming businesses in the Greater Toronto Area, and decided to open a unique yet affordable gaming centre. LAN Lords Gaming Centre is Toronto's 1st and only casual and competitive Console eSports gaming centre, catering solely to console gamers.

There are many internet cafes that offer PC gaming, and other cafe’s and bars that offer minimal console gaming, but no business focuses on the console specific gaming experience. LAN Lords Gaming Centre provides the Toronto community with the space and equipment necessary to experience the best console LAN Party ever! There are 24 stations which can be used on an hourly basis. These stations are equipped with:

• A BenQ ZOWIE 27” Monitor (Official Monitor of Console Esports)
• SteelSeries Arctis3 Headset
• Astro Mixamp Pro TR (Tournament Ready)
• X Rocker Titan Pedestal Sound Chair
• Dedicated Gigabit Fibre Optic Internet

There is also 1 station set up for group play on a 4K TV, where players can enjoy multiplayer games that are best on a shared screen.

And if you just want to hang out, chill in the waiting/lounge area and enjoy a cold beverage, while reliving your best childhood memories on a Nintendo N64 or Super Nintendo Classic, for free.

LAN Lords Gaming Centre has become a platform for players to socialize with other members of the Toronto Gaming Community. Anyone can come to LAN Lords and indulge in the atmosphere while making new friends, and developing friendly rivalries. LAN Lords Gaming Centre is all about Respect, Integrity, Diversity, Quality Experience, Sportsmanship, and last but not least, FUN!

The gaming centre also hosts birthday parties and summer camps for kids.

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