My Kindergarten in 100 Words

Lunchbox, bus, teacher, sharing, crayons, swing, blocks, proud, smile ... Introduce your little one to the words they'll encounter when they start kindergarten and familiarize them with the world around them.

This charming picture board book helps children ages 1 to 3 boost their vocabulary and become familiar with specific subjects. With bright, playful illustrations from Sophie Beer, My Kindergarten in 100 words introduces a range of different scenes and objects, from getting dressed and eating breakfast with the family to different activities at kindergarten — including playtime, circle time, and arts & crafts — and then home time.

Interspersed with labels for practical objects are more abstract terms such as happy and family, teaching children about emotions and mindfulness as well as educational vocabulary. Terms such as friendship and kindness help instill social values.

With 10 words per page and variation between full scenes and visual lists, there's plenty for children to look at and enjoy.

Available on August 13, 2019 at all major bookstores. MSRP $12.95.

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