Spirit Riding Free Playsets by Playmobil

PLAYMOBIL well known for its imaginative play toys has just launched a brand new line based on the Netflix show: Spirit II - Riding Free. This toy line includes a barn, school,riding arenas, and several horses with stalls, along with accessories which connect together into one giant ranch playset!

Barn with Lucky, Pru & Abigail
The hayloft in Pru's father's barn serves as the hangout for the friends. Includes the horse Sagebrush and many accessories, including a hammock, stickers, and pins to decorate. $119.99 

Riding Arena with Lucky & Javier
With Javier's help, Lucky learns some horse riding tricks. Includes Javier's horse Hacheta. $32.99


Snips & Señor Carrots with Horse Stall
Abigail’s little brother Snips with his donkey Señor Carrots. $27.99

Vaulting Solana
Solana is athletic, acrobatic, and performs stunts in the circus on her horse Luna. $12.99

Maricela with Bicycle
Maricela likes to ride her bicycle around Miradero. $10.49

This line includes many more accessories and playsets. Find out more at: www.playmobil.ca. Available at most major toy retailers.

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