Tweet Beats – Create your own Songs

These really fun toy birds each have their own style of music and harmonize when you play them all simultaneously.

Create your own songs with Tweet Beats! Place the Tweet Beats up in the tree to create your own unique songs. Based on which branch you place a bird, it will play one of the tunes. The bottom branch activates the beat sequence. The second branch unlocks the bass. The third branch is the melody stage and placing a bird on the top branch, makes him sound his vocal tune.

Each bird has its own unique music style, so by combining them, you can make loads of unique songs. The tunes always fall in tune with each other, so everybody can create fantastic songs in a very easy way.

Contents Base Item:
• Pizza carton box 27 x 40 x 9 cm
• Tweet Beat Musical Tree
• 4 Birds
• MSRP $39.99

Contents Single Bird:
• Blisterpack
• 1 Bird
• MSRP $9.99

For ages 5+. Exclusive to Mastermind Toys until Fall of 2019. Find out more at


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