Golf for Kids

Golf is becoming increasingly popular with kids! As children are more and more interested in the sport, there is a rise in children’s golf lessons being offered at courses throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Schools are adding both boys and girls golf to the roster of available extracurricular sporting events. Many courses are even offering family golfing so children may also start to play courses with their parents.

As with any sport, the only way to get better at the game is to practice. Golf is an extremely detailed sport, and even those who are naturals have to spend years and years training. The key is to start your kids playing at a very young age. A child should first understand the fundamentals of how the game is played, and the rules. If a child is playing at a golf course, they should also be taught the etiquette of the game including dress codes and acceptable behaviour.

Use drills when practicing the basics of the game. This might not be as exciting to kids as a full round of golf but it will help kids sharpen skills. That way, when they are able to play, it will be more enjoyable and less frustrating!

As always, emphasize FUN when playing, especially for younger children who are just becoming interested in the game. Parents can look for summer day camps and private coaching opportunities at local golf courses. It’s a great way to spend some time in the summer. As the child advances in the sport, you’ll likely need more practice and comprehensive lessons to get them ready for more competitive play. Keep in mind that they are still children! They will thrive on encouragement, and all teaching sessions should be kept upbeat!

Are your kids attracted to the sport? Gordie Burns, CPGA Golf Professional and Head Teaching Pro at Golden Ridge Golf in Richmond Hill shares 6 tips to get them started.

1. WATCHING. Children learn a great deal from watching better players. The best place is to watch the PGA tour players on Television and if possible live action at an actual event. This will start the dream and desire within the child.

2. PARTICIPATING. Getting a club in a child’s hands as early in life as possible is the best way for a child to be proficient at this very difficult sport later in life. A great way to learn is to participate in golf camp.

3. COMPETING. A little friendly competition between children is a great way to help develop concentration skills that are important in all aspects of life.  This can also be accomplished through golf camp as their peers participate and they get encouraged from this group setting.  Golden Ridge Golf offers golf camp throughout the summer that is geared towards a fun and educational golf experience.

4. GRIP. The grip will evolve over time in a child’s development, so an exact understanding of the grip is not overly important. Holding the club so both thumbs are on top of the grip is a great starter for kids.

5. BALANCE. Teaching children to swing in balance to a finish position will help them hit the center of the club more often. Learning to swing with the left foot (for a right hand swinger) without moving and the right foot ending up on the toe is a great way to understand proper footwork.

6. BODY AT TARGET. Swing the club to a finish position that has the belt buckle, chest, and face pointing towards the target. This will ensure great fundamentals through the hitting area.

Looking to get your little tyke interested in golf? You can start by taking them to a mini-golf course. There are so many options to choose from indoors or out!

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