10 Great Gift Ideas for Dads

Sunday, June 16 is Father's Day! If you're looking for that one-of-a-kind gift for your one-of-a-kind Dad, here are our top 10 gift ideas!

1. Is your Dad a Bookworm?
Drop by your local bookstore and pick up a new best seller or a book that suits Dad's hobbies or interests.

2. Is your Dad a Movie Buff?
Invite Dad out to a day at the movies to catch a current flick or pick up a gift certificate.

3. Is your Dad a Do-It-Yourselfer?
With the help of Mom, add a tool that Dad is missing from his handyman collection. Or pick up a home-improvement project book.

4. Is your Dad a Sportsman?
If Dad is a golfer, fisherman, hiker, or biker, then head to the Sports store and find a gift for Fathers who enjoy being active!

5. Is your Dad a Traveller?
Get a gift that will make Dad's travels easier and more relaxing, such as a travel pillow, sleep mask, headset, or travel kit.

6. Is your Dad into Gadgets?
Head over to the nearest electronics store and scout out the latest in technology: iPads, phones, GPS, digital cameras, video games or recorders.

7. Does your Dad Love his Car?
Pick up a car wash gift certificate or better yet, buy him car organizers for CDs, sunglasses, maps, keys, change - anything to keep the clutter out of his car.

8. Is your Dad a Food Lover?
Take Dad out for lunch at his favourite eatery or pick up a gift card.

9. Is your Dad into Fun?
Take Dad out for an afternoon of indoor or outdoor amusement fun such as laser tag, indoor mini-golf, bowling, rock-climbing, paint-ball, or go-karting.

10. Is your Dad the Man who has Everything?
Then give him a gift from the heart. Scout the Internet for father's day crafts and make him your very own gift. Check out our top picks for tons of great ideas!

Happy Father's Day!

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