An Eco Adventure Tour at Scenic Caves Nature Adventures

There's a boom in walking and zooming over the tree tops, all while appreciating the surrounding nature and picturesque views. We recently had the opportunity to do some sightseeing among the forest and enjoy some pretty incredible views on a Scenic Caves Nature Adventures Eco Tour. With 16 aerial suspension platforms and 2 ziplines, Scenic Caves provides one of Ontario's largest canopy tour adventures! Another highlight of the 3 hour tour is the exploration of some million-year-old wonders; the deep and spectacular caves.

Located along high ridges and over scenic valleys just outside of beautiful Collingwood, the Scenic Caves Eco Adventure Tour is the ultimate nature adventure. This professionally guided treetop walk and zip cable gliding at the highest point of the Niagara Escarpment is recommended for anyone seeking a thrilling way to experience the beauty of the area. The views from platforms and bridges are simply breathtaking and the tour gives you an intimate perspective into the captivating beauty of Georgian Bay and the surrounding countryside.

Our adventure begins with gear outfitting (helmets, harnesses, cables) which is all provided, as well as an introduction to our guides. Once safety checks are all in place, we are off...

A short hike takes us to Southern Ontario’s longest 420 foot suspension bridge. Our knowledgeable guides recount some of the area’s history, and give us insight into the unique ecology of the Niagara Escarpment. From this range, it’s a spectacular 10,000 square kilometre view of the region.

We then hop on a tractor/wagon ride through the forest to reach our treetop canopy walk starting point. After a quick lesson to learn the technique of attaching your cable to the lines, a climb up a platform takes us to tree top level. Our expedition begins as we start pacing across 10" wide airborne walkways strung between a web of platform decks spun together by cables. There are a total of 16 spans on the tree top canopy walk covering 600 metres, with increased heights along the way. Because it’s a simple walk on a boardwalk, the experience was surprisingly easy. You feel completely safe, since you are always attached by a cable. The tour is at a very comfortable pace. You can take the time you need to observe nature all around you and capture some amazing bird's eye view photos.

Once treetop walking is completed, the descent back to the ground is from a fun zipline down 330 feet through the forest (45 ft. vertical drop/14 metres). For those not comfortable with ziplining, a ladder will return guests safely back to the ground.

Another quick hike takes us to Lookout Point to appreciate more panoramic views of southern Ontario and the blue waters of Georgian Bay. Then, it’s off to explore the caves and caverns. Here we learn about the First Nations’ Huron Petun tribe and discover the mysterious sacred places and hidden natural fortress which sheltered this tribe from their enemies. We were able to marvel at one of Canada's great natural wonders; caves, crevices, and cracks carved millions of years ago by glacial ice.

The adventure tour culminates with a fast and smooth 1,000 foot zipline across the escarpment (150 ft. vertical drop/100 metres) which takes you back to the starting point of the tour. Again, those not comfortable with ziplining can take a tractor ride back.

The Eco Tour is for nature lovers and thrill seekers who want to experience the beauty of the Niagara Escarpment, while pushing their personal boundaries. It's also completely safe for children. Participants must be between 70 lbs and 250 lbs, and be over 4'8" tall or with someone who can reach 6'2" high. Your tour also includes all day access to the Scenic Caves Park to discover more attractions, at your leisure. There’s a children’s playground, Rocky the Train ride, a trout pond, and picnic areas to enjoy. Available at an additional cost are the Thunderbird Twin Zipline, mini-golf, and Gemstone mining.

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Sourthern Ontario’s longest 420 foot suspension bridge

The starting point of our treetop walking adventure

16 spans on the tree top canopy walk cover 600 metres

The first ziplining course

The Eco Tour includes a visit of the caves.

Looking Up from within the caves

One of many caves that can be explored.

A guest enjoys the final 1,000 foot zipline across the escarpment

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