Best Teacher Gifts

School’s out soon and many parents face the question of what to buy the teacher! While there is no expectation to buy your child's teacher a gift, it is a nice and thoughtful gesture to show your appreciation for all their efforts during the school year. The quest to find the perfect present can be tough, but there are many things that can brighten a teacher’s day!

We reached out to our readers looking for original and thoughtful gifts to give to school teachers and here’s what they had to say!  

Our family gives gift cards - I personally adore Starbucks gift cards. Teachers need a little treat on their way to work. You can also choose a local bookstore, movie theater, or restaurant. - Jenny B.

I find out about the teacher’s hobbies. Ours enjoyed needlepoint so we got her a kit! - Andrea M.

Teachers have very small budget for supplies and sometimes these purchases come from their own personal money. We gave our teacher a gift bag full of office supplies. She was in 7th heaven! - Tina F.

Our teacher loves to travel so we got her travel books about her favourite countries: Spain, France, and Mexico. She says they are still on her book shelf! - Maria L.

Teachers will always enjoy a relaxing cup of tea so we picked up a small gift basket packed with herbal tea bags, cookies, and honey sticks. - Louise M.

Look for monogrammed items at Winners such as a mug, card boxes, writing pads, or hand-towels. Monogram adds a personal touch, making it extra special to receive. - Missy P.

We fill a cute wicker basket with classroom essentials like Post-its, coloured gel pens, roller white out, highlighter tape, Sharpie markers, and bright neon cool-coloured white board markers. - Fran G.

On the last days of school, the teacher is faced with a lot of cleaning and tidying up. We donate time to help clean up the classroom! - Julie S.

One year, we collected one recipe from each family in the class and put together a recipe book from the students. The teacher loved it! - Nancy E.

We give a Summer bestseller book for the teacher to enjoy during the break. - Bob S.

Our teacher was thrilled when we gave her a pretty place to display her favourite memories.  A ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ three-photo frame to show off her family. - Liza S.

We gave our teacher several books to stock the 'class library.' - Dean R.

A little self-indulgence is a favourite gift for anyone. We gave our teacher a hair salon gift certificate! She loved it! Or you can offer a mani-pedi certificate as well. - Samantha P.

Teacher have to carry a lot of gear throughout the year. We gave her a personalized tote bag. - Susanne D.

Don’t forget to include a card made by your child to express your gratitude and help your kids express theirs. This is something truly loved by every teacher!

Looking for more ideas? Check out our Clever Gifts for Teachers slide show. These are original gifts that kids can make.

What fun gifts have you given to teachers? Jot them down below!

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