Double ‘00’ International Super Spy Camp

Each camp day is filled with top secret briefings, and activities and challenges that guarantee your secret agent will graduate with the best possible skills.

This summer send your kids on secret spy missions at Double '00' unique Summer Camp! Double ‘00’ International Super Spy School is offering week-long camps for kids ages 5-15. Each camp day is filled with top secret briefings, and activities and challenges that guarantee your secret agent will graduate with the best possible skills. We're talking making and cracking secret codes; learning how to effectively use spy tools, making disguises and much more!

From Monday to Friday, kids will go on spy missions and receive ninja training in the morning, while exploring technology, programming, and Minecraft gaming in the afternoons. During the afternoon sessions, your child will have access to Arduino's, Raspberry Pi's, and other relevant technologies to create fun spy projects and gadgets. Projects can include super secret spy safes unlocked using magnets, keypads, and even music; ultra spy sensor equipment using light sensors; magnetic field sensors; temperature sensors and secret code encoders and decoders. They will learn the basics of programming using 'Scratch' - a drag-and-drop programming interface for beginners, that will introduce them to important concepts such as program flow, variables, loops, if-statements and more.

They will also be shown how to use Minecraft like a pro through the use of command blocks to instantly create huge buildings or monuments with the press of a button, and learn how to create their own character skins. Everything taught requires no previous knowledge or experience. The goal is to introduce these concepts to showcase what can be done with technology through teamwork, creativity and a dash of Spy enthusiasm!

Camp is so fun, kids won't know they're learning. Drama is used as a tool to educate and build self confidence. Kids will feel good about saving the world! When learning the ways of the ninja, kids will also stay fit. The camp's hands-on approach to science and safety teaches creativity and thinking outside the box, while life lessons are incorporated into the “curriculum” (ie. teamwork, independence, preparedness). Kids also discover new languages (like deutsch, русский, español, and עברית), geography, and cultures while solving their top secret missions.

Half day and full day options are available. Camps run during July and August. For more information, visit

Throughout the year, Double ‘00’ International Super Spy School offers Afterschool programs, Summer Camps, as well as March Break and PA Day activities, and Birthday Parties. Kids love the missions and non stop action!

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