Beat the Heat

Schools out for summer! This is the perfect time to get out as a family and enjoy what this great country, that’s celebrating it’s 150 birthday has to offer.

Summer vacation for most is over 2 months long; yes, it is that long. Now’s the time to plan fun fitness boosting activities that you and your children can enjoy. BUT before you do that, it’s important to educate both yourself and your little ones on proper hydration.

We all know summer in Toronto can be sunny, hot and humid. Children sometimes don’t recognize the signs of dehydration until it’s too late. As parents and caretakers, it is important to be on the lookout for signs of dehydration.

Signs of Dehydration

• Decreased urine output
• Headache
• Dry mouths
• Cracked lips
• Muscle cramps

Severe Dehydration Symptoms may include:

• Fainting
• Dizziness or light headed
• Lethargic
• Confusion

If your child experiences any of these symptoms, it is important to get him/her into a cool area and have them drink fluids. 

So, how do we make sure our little ones don’t get to that dangerous point? We make a plan. We all watch the weather channel religiously so knowing in advanced that it’s going to be a hot sticky day gives us the opportunity to plan ahead. 

Here are a few ideas on how to beat dehydration

• Freeze water bottles. It keeps that water nice and cool for a few hours.
• Prepare drinks that have electrolytes in them to replenish those lost during activity.
• Make a game out of it. Tell your kids when they hear the horn, whistle or clap, they have to stop what they are doing and get to the hydration center for a pit stop. (This can be your garage, patio, kitchen, whatever works for you.) Time to refuel and recharge. 
• Set out coolers or large water jugs in the shade where it is accessible to everyone.
• Frozen treats 

Be creative or just keep it simple. The main point is to keep those little ones happy, cool, refreshed, hydrated and playing.  

From all of us at H2T we wish everyone a safe, healthy and active summer. Until next time Stay Fit Stay Healthy!

About the Author: Sue Forberg is the Director at H2T Elite Dryland Training Inc. H2T is a multi-faceted state of the art dryland facility specializing in children the ages 5-16. A gym for kids you say... absolutely. Their primary goal is to enhance the quality of life for young people through exercise and proper nutrition. H2T has created a fun age appropriate dryland program that gives every child what he/she needs from a developmental standpoint. Find out more at

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