Kids & Covid-19: How Are They Faring During This Crisis?

Kids are bored and missing their friends the most. And, they're done with home schooling.

Kids flourish when they are safe and protected, when their family and community networks are secure and nurturing, and when their basic needs are met. While Covid-19 doesn’t appear to have impacted children’s health since statistically they are the lowest risk population, our youngest members of society have had to bear a lot.

The coronavirus pandemic and the unprecedented measures to contain its spread have disrupted nearly every aspect of our children’s lives: their development, learning, behaviour, their families’ economic security and their relationships with friends and extended family. Birthday celebrations with playmates, graduations, extra-curricular fun and activities; it's all come to a halt.

A recent study conducted by the Angus Reid Institute polled children ages 10 to 17 across the country about their thoughts, expectations, and concerns about these unprecedented times.

Based on the findings, here's how our children are feeling...

▪ 71% of kids are 'bored'.

▪ 41% indicated they still feel 'normal'.

▪ 17% of older kids (ages 16-17) feel 'angry' while 41% of kids ages 10-15 say they feel 'good'.

▪ 75% are keeping up with online schooling while 60% feel 'unmotivated'. 57% don't like the virtual class arrangement.

▪ 54% miss their friends and 16% miss their extracurricular activities and sports.

What are kids & teens doing during isolation?

▪ 88% are spending their time in isolation watching/streaming movies and media content. 74% are playing video games.

▪ 76% of teens (ages 16-17) are staying in touch with their peers by texting and calling friends, and 75% are spending time on social media.

▪ 26% of kids are playing board games.

▪ 53% of kids are reading and drawing (and doing other hobbies).

Do the kids want to go back to school?

▪ 36% would likely look forward to going back.

▪ 26% do not want to go back to school.

▪ 38% feel just 'okay' about the prospect of returning to school.

Here's what's our kids are most concerned about...

▪ 29% fear they will miss out on school next year.

▪ 27% fear they will miss out on this school year.

▪ 26% are afraid other family members will get sick.

▪ 22% are afraid their parents will get sick.

▪ 20% are afraid their parents will lose their jobs/work.

▪ 15% are afraid they will contract the virus.

▪ 12% worry about the climate at home (arguments and tension).

Based on the findings, it appears that our kids are bored, missing their friends and worried about school the most. They're done with home schooling.

You can get the full Angus Reid Study here.

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