Non-Dairy Sources of Calcium

Dairy products are generally defined as foods derived from milk (cow, goat, and sheep) and are also referred to as milk products. Dairy products (e.g. yogurt, cheese, ice cream, etc...) are nutrient-rich foods that provide calcium, especially, but also other important minerals and vitamins. Calcium is particularly necessary for strong bones and teeth, body cell, nerves and muscle function, and contributes to normal blood clotting. If, for any reason, your child cannot consume dairy products, the following are some non-dairy sources of calcium for your child:

Non-Dairy Sources of Calcium

The following list outlines non-dairy sources of calcium amounts:

· Calcium fortified cereal and grains: 1 cup/250 g = 100-200 mg
· Bread: 2 slices = 50 mg
· Broccoli: 1 cup/250 g = 100 mg
· Collards, rhubarbs: 1/2 cup/125 g = 170 mg
· Blackstrap molasses: 1 cup/250 g = 170 mg
· Kale, spinach, and turnips: 1 cup/250 g = 200 to 250 mg
· Fruits and calcium fortified juices: 1 cup/250 ml = 300 mg
· Orange juice: 1 cup/250 ml = 50 mg, fortified orange juice: 1 cup/250 ml = 300 mg of calcium
· Soy beverages: 1 cup/250 ml = 300 mg
· Legumes soybean nuts: 1/4 cup/65 g = 110 mg
· Beans (baked): 1 cup/250 g = 150 mg
· Tofu: 3 oz/90 g = 190 mg
· Fish and seafood: 3 oz/90 g = 370 mg
· Salmon: 3 oz/90 g = 180 mg
· Tofu: 3/4 cup/165 g = 300 mg
· Nuts and seeds - sunflower, almonds, sesame seeds: 1 oz/30 g = 280 mg, hazelnuts, cashews, walnuts, tahini, almond butter: 2 tbsp = 80 mg, almonds: 1 cup/250 g = 300 mg

About the Author: Dr. Maurice Levy, an eminent pediatrician, has 30 years of day-to-day medical experience in hospitals and in his active pediatric primary care and consultation clinic. Former Chief of Pediatrics and currently Head of Pediatric Research at North York General Hospital, Dr. Levy has trained and worked in various hospitals across the globe. Along with his medical degree and specialty in General Pediatrics, Dr. Levy has received various specialized diplomas and received numerous awards and publications. For more information, visit:

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