Green Your Easter

Don’t overload on chocolate this Easter... Instead, go for a greener Easter! Make this Easter celebration a more environmentally friendly one in your family. 

Here are a few tips…

1. Don’t buy a new Easter basket. Reuse one from past years. If you must buy new, get a colourful plastic bucket and fill it with Easter goodies. Your kids will be left with a great toy to use in the sand pit. Don’t forget to include a plastic shovel!

2. Don’t buy Easter grass. Some parents have opted to use real grass but if not, shred your own colourful paper and recycle it afterwards.

3. Go on your own chocolate hunt... for the organic and fair trade kind. And go for high cocoa content (much healthier!).

4. Don’t go crazy with the candy. Put a little in your basket but also include a more practical gift such as a small toy, Spring shorts and t-shirts, books, CDs, or a movie. Or, go for a green gift such as a watering can, gardening tools, gloves, and packets of seeds.

5. Dye your eggs naturally. You can get great colouring from veggies and fruit.

Remember to "think small." A token gift is all you need. It's the event, not the toys and candy, that make Easter FUN!

Happy Green Easter!

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