Host your Own Family Magic Show

With a few “tricks” up their sleeve and a bit of showmanship, your child can dazzle family and friends with some magical fun!

Kids love to thrill family members with magic so help them create a show where they can perform new tricks or perfect old favourites. Here are some pointers for some homemade magic.

The Stage…
Create a makeshift stage with a table to layout all props (you may also want to find a old trunk or a suitcase to store them). Make a stage sign. Your child should come up with a catchy stage name such as “The Amazing Alison” or “The Incredible Isaac.”

The Setting…
Create low and mysterious lighting. Put some flashlights on the floor and point them towards the stage.

The Costume…
Use your child’s Sunday suit or a black top and pants. Fashion a cape with some dark fabric. Don’t forget the magic wand. Pick up a tall black hat at your local dollar store or create a cone shaped wizard’s hat. If you’re having trouble putting a costume together, remind yourself to pick one up during the next Halloween season. You will also need black or white gloves.

The Props…
Pick up the props your child will needs for his or her magic tricks: coins, fake flowers, handkerchief, playing cards, etc…

The Tricks…
Once  you’ve created your stage, your costume and gathered all your props, decide on your tricks! Here are some great sites to help your kids learn and master the latest and greatest magical tricks.

Kidszone Magic
Funology Magic Tricks
Activity Village
PBS Kids Magic Tricks

The Promotion…
Last but not least, advertise your show. Create dazzling posters, signs, and hand-made flyers. Signage can be simple but will cause a buzz of excitement. Use glow-in-the-dark paint and lots of glitter.

The Show Goes On...
If the show is a hit, consider having your child perform once a month, so they can perfect their tricks. You can also add new illusions to keep you audience mystified!

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