Fun Pancakes for Kids

There's something irresistible about pancakes, but to up the cute factor for your kids, try making them into fun shapes. Round pancakes can be transformed into animals or funny faces while cookie cutters and squeeze bottles can create amazing shapes, letters, and numbers. Better yet, making shaped pancakes won't take any more time than making a traditional stack. Here are some tips to make fun and fluffy kid-friendly pancakes.

Use a Squeeze Bottle
Using a squeeze bottle will give you more control over the shape of the pancakes. Pour your batter into a squeeze bottle. Grease your griddle with cooking spray before it becomes hot. If you want the shape to appear within a round pancake, first create the shape on the griddle using the squeeze bottle. Once it has cooked for about a minute, pour some more batter over the shape and cook it like a regular pancake. If you want to create a shape, draw the outline on the griddle, then fill with more batter. You can make letters that spell your child's name or some other significant word, create numbers to signify their age, or make different designs, such as curvy lines or geometrical shapes. If appropriate, you can even have your kids squeeze their own shaped pancakes onto the griddle.

Cookie Cutter Pancakes
Cookie cutter pancakes are quick to make! Spray the inside of the cookie cutter with nonstick spray and place on the griddle. Pour your batter inside until it fills the space (don't overfill, a thin layer of batter is all you need). Let sit for a minute or until the edges set. Remove cookie cutter and use a spatula to flip. Give your kids an assortment of goodies to decorate and personalize each shape.

Decorate your Pancakes
Make regular round pancakes and create hair with whipped cream or ricotta cheese. Use banana slices for eyes, a strawberry nose, and a smile made out of chocolate chips. Or give kids all kinds of fruit and food toppings and let them improvise!

Want more inspiration? CLICK HERE to check out our 10 ideas for fun shaped pancakes!

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