Zeenie Dollz

Zeenie Dollz are powerful, stylish, collectible, and vibrant Eco-Warriors on an environmental mission! Each possesses a secret identity and unique eco-power to save and protect the environment. Each 12" doll has 12 ball joints making them more flexible and posable than the average doll. They are made entirely of recyclable and non-toxic plastics; even the packaging is made of biodegradable plastic material.

The concept and mission behind Zeenie Dollz started with a sketch by a mother and daughter team, who brought it to life. The duo have worked together intimately through every step of the creative process to take a beautiful sketch, with a meaningful cause and a passion for the environment, and merge that into the Zeenie Dollz series you see today.

A percentage of every sale is donated to organizations working to preserve the environment and protect all animals and the places they call home. For more information, visit www.zeeniedollz.com.

Zennia (left) is the original Zeenie, also known as Mother Earth. She is into high style and fashion, but her true mission is to preserve the environment. Sini (centre) is the protector of all farm and domestic animals along with her pet dog Misty; together they provide all abandoned animals with food and safe shelter. Yana (right) is the protector of all sea creatures along with her dolphin friend Serena; together they work hard to keep oceans thriving. 

Three more dolls are available: Kazumi is the protector of the polar regions with her polar bear friend Ella, Evee is the protector of the skies along with her pet parrot Lulu, and Lina is the protector of the rainforests along with her ocelot friend Abby.

For more information on this winning product, visit www.ptpa.com/product/zeenie-dollz.

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