Celebrate Spring with New Lalaloopsy Dolls

There's a lot more to look forward to this Spring than just the warmer weather. MGA Entertainment Canada has released a new collection of  Lalaloopsy™ dolls. Lalaloopsy™ dolls were once ragdolls that magically came to life and took on the personalities of the fabric used to make them.

With a new season comes new characters including Mona Arch Wings™. Good luck trying to keep her and her pet caterpillar indoors this Spring! She was sewn from a butterfly costume. She is a real social butterfly who doesn't always have time to stop and smell the roses. When she's on the go, she makes sure to stay hydrated with her favourite drink: Lilac nectar juice.

Other new dolls include:

Snowy Fairest™. She was sewn from Snow White's Dress. She's a friendly girl who's really good at keeping the house spick and span. Her favourite things are red apples and being the prettiest of them all! She has a pet squirrel.

Charms Seven Carat™ was made from an Amethyst. She wasn't born into royalty, but she likes to pretend that she was. She is really good at doing a royal curtsey and spends time polishing her majestic tiaras and earrings. She has a pet butterfly.

Peppy Pom Poms™ was sewn from a cheerleader's uniform. She's an upbeat team player who always roots for her friends. She can't jump very high, but she's great at shouting... really, really loudly! She has a pet dog.

So this Spring, celebrate March Break, a birthday, or just imaginative play with one of these cute Lalaloopsy™ dolls. Recommended age: 4-104. Price: $29.99 each.

Available at: Toys"R"Us, Walmart, Loblaws, and Sears.ca.

Mona Arch Wings™ and Charms Seven Carat™

Snowy Fairest™ and Peppy Pom Poms™
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