Judgment Call

Teenagers often seem like an enigma - even to other teens! The bad news is that, in most cases, teens are going to behave in irrational and contradictory ways. The good news is that there’s a reason for this, which, once understood, can promote a certain amount of sympathy between parents and teens going through what will likely be one of the most mentally volatile periods of their lives. As the infographic below outlines, the teenage brain is still developing in a few key ways - this is why their behavior can fluctuate between mature and shortsighted. Depending on the situation, both of these kinds of behavior make sense to teens’ developing brains! Fortunately, knowledge is power, and understanding why the poor decisions are being made, you can help your teenager make more of the smart ones.

About the Author: Amy Williams is a journalist and former social worker, specializing in teen behavioral health. She believes that, in our digital age, it's time for parents and educators to make sure parents and students alike are educated about technology and social media use. You can follow her on Twitter.

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