PLAYMOBIL's New Space Theme Contest

Enter for a chance to win a PLAYMOBIL new Space theme toy! PLAYMOBIL, known for its imaginative play and iconic figures, is launching its new City Action - Space Theme!

Today, children are constantly exposed to the study of space exploration, whether it be in school or even from watching TV. PLAYMOBIL’s Space Theme aims to inspire the scientists of tomorrow by encouraging kids to reach for the stars! This new theme has everything a child needs to be a real-life astronaut - a space rocket with a launch site, space shuttle, and a satellite meteoroid laser.

The new line includes: Space Rocket With Launch Site, Space Shuttle and Satellite Meteoroid Laser. The winner will receive the Space Shuttle.

Space Shuttle

Reach for the stars with PLAYMOBIL's New Space Theme!

Contest closed. Winner:

Debbie K. of Toronto

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