Brain Power Enrichment Programs Ltd.

Brain Power is an innovative leader in after-school enrichment education for bright and gifted students. Founded and led by Dr. Karine Rashkovsky, Ph.D., Brain Power was built upon an initial idea by Karine’s mathematician father, Dr. Reuven Rashkovsky, Ph.D. From after-school/weekend classes and academic field trips to the publication of math and grammar workbooks, Brain Power is a transformative model for what gifted education should be about in the GTA. It is an ideal learning environment in which high-achieving students can thrive.

With more than 30 years of success, Brain Power delivers dynamic classroom instruction complemented with online leaning. The unique curriculum develops students into proficient problem solvers, creative thinkers, avid readers, solid writers, passionate speakers, and empathetic listeners — successful individuals in any educational path they choose! Embedded in a learning community with a well-developed sense of integrity, Brain Power students also engage in transformative social-justice projects, improving the quality of not only their lives, but also the lives of others in their communities and the world at large.

What Makes Brain Power Programs Exceptional?

In each field of study, students undertake exciting challenges in areas of interest not normally addressed in their schools or other after-school programs:

• English Language Arts: reading analysis, philosophy, sophisticated vocabulary, classic literature, grammar, social justice, advanced writing skills, and fascinating topics across the humanities
• Public Speaking: rhetoric, negotiation strategies, presentations, interview skills, body and voice coaching, debate, spontaneous wit, speeches, persuasion, and the history of oration
• Math and Problem Solving: problem-solving strategies, mathematics, memory development, managing stress and test anxiety, logic and reasoning, reading comprehension, and creative critical thinking
• Robotics, Coding, and Aerospace: computer programming, aerospace engineering, math, physics, cutting-edge technology, hands-on robotics projects, and innovations in science

In addition to regular courses, Brain Power also offers workshops to help students prepare for special programs and examinations. With their guidance, students regularly get admitted to gifted and high-level academic day-school programs, including UTS, IB, TOPS, MaCS, UCC, and more!

This summer Brain Power will be offering many courses at their Lebovic Campus in Vaughan. Most summer courses run twice per week, and each session is two hours in length. For most courses, students can attend for both months (July and August) or they can choose to attend for only July or August. 

Regular courses run from September through June each year. Classes are held once per week, and each session is two hours in length. Programs target students in Grades 1-12, but you can inquire about services for other ages. Classes do fill up quickly, so register well in advance!

Brain Power has received many nominations and awards for its impact on the field of enrichment education, including the Royal Bank of Canada’s Women of Influence Award, the International and National Stevie Awards, Notable’s Social Entrepreneurship Award, the Order of Vaughan, the Canadian Green Building Award, and many more!

Their experienced instructors understand the academic and emotional needs of bright and gifted children. These professionals with graduate degrees – many have Ph.D. degrees – offer students brilliant mentors who are passionate about their subject matter. But Brain Power teachers are not just powerful brains! They also have a playful sense of humour and a child-centred approach to teaching, and their aim is to inspire and nurture a profound love of learning.

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