Levana Video Monitors

There's no amount of planning that can prepare you for parenthood. Welcoming a newborn into the family is an incredible feat and Levana is poised to support this transition by helping new and existing parents manage their newfound daily routines with ease and confidence -  without breaking the bank.

Levana video monitors offer innovative technology solutions in a variety of sizes and features to monitor all of your family needs. The Shiloh™ model features a 5" touchscreen, one fixed camera and unique interactive features including an icon based menu, split/quad screen viewing and customizable alerts.

Parents can now welcome Shiloh™ into their homes for a discounted price of $119 CAD (Regular MSRP $229.99) right now, by visit mylevana and using Promo Code 110OFF. 

For more information about Shiloh™please, click here.

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