A Message to our Parenting Community During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Dear Toronto and GTA Families,

While everything around us is shutting down, one thing is for sure –– parenting has not been cancelled. The focus of our day-to-day lives has been uprooted, but the message remains. We are a community, and we will get through this trying time together –– a community of parents, neighbours, employees, co-workers, clients, business owners and friends. As parents, the one constant our kids have is our love and ability to keep their routines as normal as we can, in this new world. Now more than ever, we need a source of calm and continuity.

It is difficult to wrap our heads around this new normal. Supermarket store shelves are bare. Schools are closed. Borders are shutting down. All businesses are being hit hard. March Break, birthday parties and playdates are cancelled. Family gatherings are now being held over FaceTime and Skype. For many of us, the upcoming weeks will also test our collective patience being homebound with kids.

We Are All In This Together!

The one thing we have in common is that we're all in this together. We have the ability, collectively, to help make our communities safer. Take care of yourself, your family, and the ones you love. Be on the lookout for those who need help in your community, especially the elderly and the vulnerable. Continue to practice 'social distancing' and good hygiene to slow down the spread. Above all, our hearts go out to all the healthcare professionals on the frontlines of battling the coronavirus, along with those who have been personally affected, and those fighting it. Let's not forget about all others who need to continue to work, to provide essential services.

Our Toronto4Kids team is committed to bringing you everything we can to keep you informed and make your days a little less stressful. We are working hard to provide you with content and tips that will help keep everyone busy and entertained. With that in mind, our weekly newsletters will now focus on at-home activities and helping families get through this unprecedented situation. What would you like to see covered? What are the resources you need? Let us know by emailing us. We're here to help!

We send our best ... stay well, mentally and physically, at this uncertain time. Be kind to each other. We will get through this, together.
The Toronto4Kids Team

For the most accurate information and regular updates on COVID-19, please visit:
Toronto Public Health
Public Health Agency of Canada
World Health Organization

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