Ontario Launches Its Learn at Home Portal

The government of Ontario launches its Learn at Home Portal where parents can find free online resources for kids to continue learning from home. These supplementary resources for elementary and secondary levels allow students to practice their math, literacy, and science skills, and are available in both English and French. There are also resources for parents and caregivers.

While these materials are not replacing what the kids would be learning in class at the moment, the site provides some of Ontario’s best online learning resources for students in Kindergarten to Grade 12.

The resources, provided in large by TVO Kids, will offer kids from Kindergarten to Grade 6, with award-winning, advertising-free videos, games and content that supports the Ontario curriculum. There are also tutoring services via TVO to help students with questions. TVO Mathify for Grades 6 to 10 provides Free, one-on-one online support provided by Ontario Certified Teachers, to help students with their math skills.

Resources for High School students in grades 9 to 12, will help these students keep up with their studies, and include STEM courses.

You can also browse the curriculum to find what skills and knowledge students will have learned by the end of each grade. Note that this site is designed for independent study only and not for credit.

At this time, schools remain closed until April 5, 2020 in an effort to keep Ontario’s students safe from the coronavirus.

Find out more at www.ontario.ca/page/learn-at-home and www.ontario.ca/fr/page/apprendre-la-maison.

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