The Rubik’s Cube Celebrates 40 Years

It's the world’s most popular and challenging puzzle of all time – the Rubik’s Cube – and it's celebrating 40 years in 2020. The phenomenal cube was first launched in 1980, created by Hungarian Professor Ernő Rubik, to educate his design students on three dimensional problems. The Magic Cube was ‘discovered’ at the Nuremburg Toy Fair and then launched globally as the Rubik’s Cube.

Whether or not you were able to finish a cube, it’s something we’ve all played with at some point. To celebrate this great anniversary of the classic game, we're showcasing some of the Rubik’s collection ... some puzzles are easier than others but still offer a challenge for players of all ages!

The Edge
The Edge is a simple one-layer puzzle which is designed to help you train for more complex cubes. It is a great way to get kids engaged in solving puzzles while still being small enough to take on the go. It may be the easiest, but definitely not to be taken lightly.

2x2 Mini Cube
If you’ve mastered the Edge, the 2x2 Mini Cube may be the next step. It offers a slightly larger challenge while still helping increase skills and technique to solve the tougher ones. Like the Edge, it may look easy but don’t be fooled!

Classic 3x3
The classic 3x3 is the most recognizable cube and by far the toughest of the list. With a seemingly-infinite amount of possible moves, it is a great way to stimulate minds everywhere. It is a challenge for all ages and skill levels.

Rubik’s Race
The Rubik’s Race is the only Rubik’s game designed for two players at once. The fast-paced game puts players head-to-head to shift and slide the tiles to create a pre-scrambled pattern. Like all other Rubik’s items, this may look easy but this is a true test of speed, dexterity and skill.

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Have fun and get solving!

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