Best Advice from Mom

From head chef to chauffeur, from soccer coach to personal nurse, moms wear many hats to take care of their families. Moms know their stuff! So, in honour of Mother's Day, we asked our Facebook Fans to share the best advice their mom ever gave them.

Our Facebook Fans share the best advice from their Moms...

Work carefully at things to get them right! ~ Chana P.

Enjoy your time with your kids because they grow up so fast. ~ Natalie V.

Don't let limitations define your goals. ~ Melissa K.

You are your first and only friend. If you are not at peace with yourself, how do you expect anyone to be at peace with you. Love yourself first and you will be able to teach others how to treat/love you. ~ Michelle P.

Keep your kids close, but not too close that they can't experience life for themselves. ~ Ursula W.

If the road ahead is blocked, find a new route. ~ Lisa M.

Work hard in school so that you can follow your dreams and be whatever you want to be when you grow up. ~ Steven M.

Go for a walk... have a coffee and sit in the sun... read a book. As a mother of three it is important to remember to find time in all the chaos for mom time. ~ Astrid S.

Be kind to others no matter what! ~ Diane M.

Listen with patience. ~ Natalie A.

Do what makes you happy! I am always trying to find the path that leads to the most happiness! And on grumpy or down days I try to remember where I am and what I have to be grateful for. ~ Lesley B.

Be yourself and never let anyone bring you down. ~ Shazeela N.

Never lose yourself within this crazy world. Be you, be smart. ~ Candice M.

Embrace your mistakes. ~ Regina A.

Don't let your backbone break. Stand tall and strong. ~ Michelle D.

Possesions don't make the person. ~ Barbara S.

Life is what you make it. ~ Darlene L.

Hug and kiss your kids daily. ~ Kim C.

Believe in myself and your intuition. ~ Carey H.

Be myself, take care of myself, and to love myself first... so that I can give ALL of myself to those that I love! ~ Donna C.

Smile! It could change someone's day. ~ Jodie A.

Mistakes do happen. Learn from them and never give up. ~ Vicky D.

Enjoy everything in moderation to live a full life! ~ Carolina E.

Love unconditionally and never judge. You don't know what someone else might be going through at the time. ~ Kendra G.

Laugh often - don't take everything so seriously! ~ Linda S.

Never depend on others if you can do it yourself. ~ Sandra G.

if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all! ~ Hayley F.

We appreciate all this great advice from moms. Happy Mother's Day!

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