Best Kids Museums in Canada

Canada is home to some of the best museums for kids. Many adult museums have exhibits that also appeal to children, but there is an entire niche of museums devoted exclusively to children. Here are museums to follow that offer the best experiences for kids. They’re ideal for the pint-size, budding archaeologist, artist, entomologist, paleontologist, explorer, or dreamer in your life.

10 of the Best Kids' Museums in Canada...


Canadian Children’s Museum at the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau


Located in the Canadian Museum of Civilization, the Canadian Children's Museum's 30 exhibits are all about adventure, family, and culture.The Canadian Children’s Museum has been developed around a central theme—The Great Adventure—and gives younger visitors an opportunity to travel the world. Exhibit themes promote intercultural understanding and emphasize process rather than the acquisition of a detailed body of knowledge. A rich assortment of materials including props, costumes, and hands-on artifacts supports open-ended, inquiry-based learning experience.

Canadian Children’s Museum at the Canadian Museum of History
100 Laurier Street
Gatineau, Quebec K1A 0M8
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Creative Kids Museum at Telus Spark, Alberta


The new Creative Kids Museum in Calgary connects children to the power of creativity and curiosity in a playful, safe environment. Part of the Telus Spark Science Centre, the Creative Kids Museum is designed for kids 9 years and younger. It features lots of hands-on activities to keep young ones entertained, like a water play area, climbing structure, and the Maker Space, where they can invent and design their own cool creations. They can take the lead in the play or stay behind the scenes as the director in the theatre. This kids' museum also featuers a new toddler play area, complete with sensory-rich crawling track for babies. You can also take time out in the reading nook.

Creative Kids Museum part of TELUS Spark
220 St. George's Drive NE
Calgary, Alberta T2E 5T2
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KidSpark at the Ontario Science Centre


Build your own roller coaster, rock out in a music studio, or blow giant bubbles. KidSpark is the learn-through-play space for kids eight and under and their caregivers at the Ontario Science Centre. Shop in the miniature market, have fun exploring shapes, sounds, and textures in the Toddler area, or rock out to your favourite songs as you see yourself perform on a large screen! Join the construction crew and discover how planning, sharing, and teamwork can make things grow faster when you build your house. Dive into the fun and science of water by experimenting with a moveable dam, waterwheels, an Archimedes screw, and bubble makers at the waterplay area, or make an impression with a body-sized pin wall. You'll find those and many more fun interactive activities at KidSpark.

KidSpark at the Ontario Science Centre
770 Don Mills Road
Toronto, Ontario M3C 1T3
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The Zone for Curious Young Minds at the Montreal Science Centre


The Zone for Curious Young Minds at the Montreal Science Centre is a new discovery space designed especially for children aged 4 to 7 years old! In a fun environment they can participate in building a house or designing a roller coaster. Surrounded by shapes and colours, children can build a house, design a roller coaster, create forms and patterns, and mix colours. Young minds are initiated into the world of science, all the while having tons of fun!

Zone for Curious Young Minds at the Montreal Science Centre
2, rue De la Commune Ouest
Montreal, Quebec H2Y 4B2
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The Children’s Discovery Museum in Saskatchewan


The Children’s Discovery Museum in Saskatchewan is a place where children learn through play. Exhibits and programming foster creativity, curiosity, and a lifelong love of learning. Though this special place focuses on all things play and creativity, they're also big on educating kids about animals. The Construction Corner is great for little builders. The Muddy Paws Animal Clinic is a vet clinic where children learn about taking care of animals. The Performance Arts Stage is an exhibit dedicated to theatre and music, and in the Arts and Crafts room, children can use any of the materials available to create something unique. Kids can also pretend they're on a camping trip when they play in a replica of a North Woods Campsite, complete with a campfire, canoe, and tent.

Children's Discovery Museum in Saskatchewan
Unit 116 - Market Mall, 2325 Preston Avenue
Saskatoon, Saskchewan S7J 2G2
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Children's Museum in Manitoba


The Children’s Museum in Manitoba is housed in the oldest surviving train repair facility in Western Canada and is home to twelve exciting permanent galleries that spark kids’ creative learning. Unlike the no-touch exhibits at other museums, these galleries are always ready for hands-on fun! With innovative travelling exhibitions and a variety of drop-in programs, workshops, and special events, the Children’s Museum is a great place for the whole family. Even wee ones will enjoy Tot Spot, a mini version of the museum that's just for toddlers.

Manitoba's Children's Museum
45 Forks Market Rd
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 4T6
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London's Children's Museum in Ontario


The London's Children's Museum in Ontario features three floors and more than a half a dozen permanent exhibits to explore aimed at kids up to age 12. Kids can dig through sand or put on an under-the-sea puppet show at Jellyfish Junction, and they can crawl through caves and see crystal and rock in the Things in Caves exhibit. There are 9 permanent exhibits and stimulating learning experiences that allow kids to explore their history and heritage, investigate the complexities of science and social relationships, and celebrate the beauty in art and culture. The London Children's Museum helps them indulge their curiosity and play their way to a life of innovation and creative discovery!

London's Children's Museum
21 Wharncliffe Road South
London, Ontario N6J 4G5
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