Broc and Cara's Picnic Party

Introducing Broc, Cara, and their friends; veggies on a mission to make healthy eating tasty and FUN! In this new, imaginative picture book by Dave A. Wilson (Author) and Melissa Bailey (Illustrator), kids follow Buzzy the Bee through a garden, meeting Broc and Cara and learning that it's good to eat your veggies and fruits. During the course of this energetic story, kids will learn how vitamins and nutrients help them grow healthy and strong. The upbeat, lively rhymes, and colourful, full-page illustrations by Melissa Bailey help tell the story and bring the characters to life. First-time author Dave A. Wilson wrote "Broc and Cara's Picnic Party" to encourage big kids like him and little kids like his son Sam to eat their veggies.

About the Author:
Dave A. Wilson never considered himself a bookworm, and never thought he'd be an author. But with the birth of his son, Dave got a wakeup call and realized it was up to him to teach Sam the value of healthy eating. The idea of Broc and Cara took root in his imagination and grew until Dave knew he had to give them their own voice. So he wrote "Broc and Cara's Picnic Party," the first in a series of books that teach children the "super dude" power of fruits and vegetables. Dave lives in Victoria, British Columbia with Sam and Allister, their hyperactive but lovable mutt. Thanks to the influence of Broc and Cara, Dave eats more veggies, and with a smile on his face! Like most 5 year olds, Sam follows Dave's lead; his two favourite veggies are broccoli and carrots.

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