Going on a Bug Hunt

If you have kids who love bugs and all things creepy crawlie, take them on a bug hunt! Bugs and worms are amazing creatures and kids can learn a lot from them. Bug hunting is easy. It's as simple as going outside and looking for bugs! You'll discover a new and fascinating world, right beneath your feet.

Some Tips...

Since children are closer to ground level they will probably discover them before you, so let them find the insects themselves. While most bugs are harmless, make sure you teach them that some bugs can hurt them.

Help your child by turning over rocks and tree branches so they can see all the life just out of sight. Teach your child about the different types of insects and the function they have in the nature.

Another way to attract bugs is to put out some sweet smelling food for them to eat. Use an over-ripe banana and some brown sugar. Mix these together and let them sit for a couple of hours. Then, go out and paint the sugary substance on the bark of a tree. Wait ... and one by one, insects will soon appear, attracted by the scent of the sweet stuff.

Materials to bring with you on a bug hunt are:
• Jar (lid with holes or mesh cover)
• Magnifying Glass
• Plastic Tweezers
• Sketchbook
• Pencils/Colouring Crayons
• Books about Insects

Make a habitat for your bug. Find some twigs, leaves, and grass. Stock the jar with those and sprinkle a couple drops of water inside. You might also want to add in a tiny chunk of fruit. Make sure you poke holes in the lid or secure your jar with a piece of mesh.

Don’t borrow creatures for too long. Bugs have short lives and plenty of environmental work to do. Make sure you remember to set your new friends free soon after and put them back in the same place you found them.


Inspect your bugs with a magnifying glass; discuss what you see with the kids.

Have the kids consult the books to find out more about the bugs they find.

Make some art! Have the kids draw pictures of the bugs they find.

Get the kids to take digital photos of the bugs.

Happy hunting... and don't forget to set your bugs free!

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