The Science of Rock ‘N’ Roll

This Summer #ScienceROCKS at the Ontario Science Centre with The Science of Rock ‘N’ Roll

Plug in your amp, and put it up to eleven! The Science of Rock ‘N’ Roll drops at the Ontario Science Centre on June 11, 2014. This rockin’ exhibition, which makes its Canadian debut in Toronto, explores how advances in science and technology have revolutionized music -- and how we make, listen, experience, and share it. This Summer, the Ontario Science Centre invites visitors to rock out and explore the convergence of art and science in music.  

"Music is a fusion of art and science, and technology is constantly changing how we access and experience it," said Lesley Lewis, CEO, Ontario Science Centre. "Science is everywhere. It is found in unexpected places, and people may be surprised to learn just how much science and technology have impacted and influenced the evolution of rock ‘n’ roll. This exhibition will allow visitors to experience the music they know and love through a scientific lens."

"The story of rock is usually told in terms of artists, songs, albums, and events. The Science of Rock ‘N’ Roll is different; it shows how rock ‘n’ roll is the direct result of the collision of art, science, and technology," said Alan Cross, Toronto radio personality and the exhibition’s content developer. "Rock's evolution is almost completely dependent upon advances in science and technology. Visitors to the exhibition will learn how and – most importantly – why the relationship between art and science works."

The Science of Rock ‘N’ Roll exhibition features eight areas that comprise different interactive components, historical artifacts, informational walls, documentary videos, and more.

1. The Art of Rock sets the stage about the incalculable impact of rock ‘n’ roll as an instigator and vehicle of social, political, and cultural change. It’s about originality, self-expression and freedom of speech. But it’s also about cars, groupies and having a good time on a Friday night; and it’s the result of art and science intersecting in music. Rock would not exist in the form it does today without advances in science and technology.

2. Decades of Rock showcases the history and evolution of rock from the 1950s to the present day using artifacts, photos, and informational panels.

3. Rock Composed features interactive displays that demonstrate how tone, pitch, key, rhythm, tempo, timbre, melody, hook, harmony, and contour all come in to play when composing rock music.

4. The Tools of Rock lets visitors summon their inner rock star in five different interactive areas where they will learn about the history and the science behind how instruments work – guitars, keyboards, drums, and amplifiers.

5. Sound of Rock demonstrates how the sounds of rock are produced and how we perceive them. Visitors will learn how their brains are affected by rock music. They will discover the differences between mono versus all the various flavours of stereo and create their own riff on a 'Reactable,' an interactive music-making table.

6. Recorded Music teaches visitors how recording studio technology affected the evolution of music. This area includes fascinating stories behind how music has been captured over the last 140 years, all told using video blog stations, slide shows, artifacts, and a working recording booth.

7. Careers in Rock highlights the numerous careers that are available in the music industry both on- and off-stage using informational panels and interactive displays.

8. Concert Experience immerses visitors into a virtual setting of a live concert using a twenty-foot video wall, light show, and crowd effects. It’s the ultimate finale to The Science of Rock ‘N’ Roll.

The Science of Rock ‘N’ Roll opens on June 11, 2014 and runs until October 26, 2014 and is free with general admission to the Ontario Science Centre.

For information about tickets, please visit Tickets are available now: $22 adult; $16 youth (13-17), student (with ID) and senior (65+); $13 child (3-12); infants free.

For an additional $2, visitors may capture video footage of their rock star moments to share with their friends using The Science of Rock ‘N’ Roll backstage pass available onsite.

For more information, visit:

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